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FunnyWood takes “fun life comes from funny wooden home decorations” as its design concept, and integrates modern wooden crafts into the aesthetics of life, so as to feel the natural joy of life through the different styles of natural wood display,Designers preserve the natural grain and warm and comfortable touch of wood to impress people with ingenious classic designs.

Since 2010, FunnyWood has been focusing on the production of high quality and funny wooden home decoration crafts, We are a team of passionate woodworkers who love to create art with natural wood. Our mission is to bring the beauty of nature into your homes and offices.

Why do most of my works revolve around animals?

Human beings consider they are a lonely species and always want to look for other intelligent living beings in the universe. In fact, animals are the best partner the God gives to us, and human beings are not lonely, which is what I hope my works will make people gradually realize this.

Why are all our works made of wood?

A gift from nature, wood is also an emotional and spiritual sustenance of people. We believe that wood is more than just a material. It is a living thing with its own texture, color, and grain. It is a reflection of nature’s beauty and diversity. That’s why we respect and appreciate every piece of wood we work with and try to preserve its natural characteristics as much as possible. We also care about the environment and source our wood from sustainable and ethical suppliers. We aim to minimize our impact on the planet and support the conservation of forests.

Design concept

Modern designs are used to blend traditional craft arts with modern technology and fuse culture with emissions to re-define the value of sensation. Designers preserve the natural grain and warm and comfortable touch of wood to impress people with ingenious classic designs. Upholding the enthusiasm for developing wooden products, we continuously create more touching moments in life. Cherishing the best natural gift-wood from nature, we are dedicated to innovating techniques and constantly optimizing processes. By blending new techniques with traditional craft art, we interpret the unique warmth and temperament of wood through modern techniques and optimized processes. From tradition to heritage, we start the new aesthetics of wooden art to present a wonderful experience through the co-existence of wood and life.

FunnyWood creates funny wooden home decor items for you

Today, funny wooden home décor has become very popular,you might find some unique and funny wooden figurine,it allows people to bring something humorous into their lives which can make everything feel less serious or stressful,Funny Home Decor Can Improve Your Mood.

Do you need to give your home a funny touch? We funny wooden home decor accent can be the perfect way to add something interesting and slightly humorous to your home.


Only FSC-certified wood of the highest quality is used. The edges are rounded and finely sanded in several work steps so that they are pleasant and soft to the touch.

All of our designs strive to use the colors of the wood itself for stitching, rather than using chemical pigments for coloring.

All the materials we use are high quality, safe and durable.

We sand each item many times to be sure that they are very smooth. All of the edges are rounded.


Creating a figurine involves over a hundred steps. Each component is made from solid wood, meticulously carved and polished. Carving is one of the most challenging yet crucial stages. Due to the nature of wood, even the slightest tremor in the carving tool can lead to defects, rendering the piece useless. The process, from carving to polishing and finally assembling, can take anywhere from dozens of hours to more than ten days. The precision involved can rival the intricacies of embroidery. Whether for play or admiration, each figurine is a unique treasure.

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