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♪♪🔥It is a great gift whether for others or yourself. 💕By virtue of its easy operation and pleasant audiovisual effect, it is a music box that you are not willing to put down.

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Product Featuress:

Featuring simple and elegant design with changeable scenes, it can help you look back on your childhood.
High quality wood material is used to ensure a lightweight product which can be freely placed.
Classic light music can be used as a lullaby to make your children have a sound sleep.
Without burr, it is and more durable due to its high quality material.

Product Specification:

Material: beech
Craft: engraving, polishing
Instructions: Turn the bottom spring 3-4 times before playing music
Corresponding Size & Music & Moving Point:
1. Train Shape – Music: Spirit Away, Moving Point: train rotation, Size: about height 13 * length 11 * width 11cm / 5.12 * 4.33 * 4.33in
2. Bear & Seesaw Shape – Music: Castle In The Sky, Moving Point: seesaw up and down, Size: about height 13.5 * diameter 11cm / 5.31 * 4.33in
3. Cake Shape – Music: Happy Birthday, Moving Point: upper rotation, Size: about height 14.2 * diameter 11cm / 5.59 * 4.33in
4. Square Ferris Wheel Shape – Music: Castle In The Sky, Moving Point: Ferris wheel rotation, Size: about height 17.3 * diameter 11cm / 6.81 * 4.33in
5. Dance Angel Shape – Music: Castle In The Sky, Moving Point: upper rotation, Size: about height 17.7 * diameter 11cm / 6.97 * 4.33in
6. Baby Bed Shape – Music: Spirit Away, Moving Point: car rotation and cradle swing, Size: about height 14.3 * diameter 11cm / 5.63 * 4.33in
7. Carousel Shape – Music: Castle In The Sky, Moving Point: upper rotation, Size: about height 17.9 * diameter 11cm / 7.05 * 4.33in
8. Paris Tower Shape – Music: Encounter, Moving Point: car rotation, Size: about height 16 * length 11 * width 11cm / 6.30 * 4.33 * 4.33in
9. Round Ferris Wheel Shape – Music: Castle In The Sky, Moving Point: Ferris wheel rotation, Size: about height 17.3 * diameter 11cm / 6.81 * 4.33in
10. Castle Shape – Music: Castle In The Sky, Moving Point: car rotation, Size: about height 14.8 * length 11 * width 11cm / 5.83 * 4.33 * 4.33in
Packing List: 1 * Music Box

Additional information

Cake–Happy Birthday, Carousel–Castle In The Sky, Castle–Castle In The Sky, Dancing Angel–Castle In The Sky, Effel Tower–Meet, Round Ferris Wheel–Castle In The Sky, Seesaw–Castle In The Sky, Square Ferris Wheel–Castle In The Sky, Train–Spirited Away, Baby Bed–Spirit Away

23 reviews for Fun Wooden Music Box

  1. P* s**

    Bought this for my daughter’s birthday gift. It’s very well crafted and is very good looking. Make sure you look for the little car in the box…we almost forgot about it and almost threw it out with the box. It’s a tiny wooden car that moves around the tower.

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  2. B********** m***

    Every detail of this is exquisite. The music is lovely. I bought this as a gift, but would love to just keep it for my bedroom 😊 So happy I found this for my sister’s birthday.

    Fun Wooden Music Box
    Fun Wooden Music Box
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  3. P* c**

    Nice melody
    Beautiful features
    My sons fight for it!

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  4. D* B******

    It’s very attractive and well built. I bought it for my 2 year old granddaughter. She loves it and it’s sturdy enough that she can handle it (supervised) without worrying about it breaking.

    Fun Wooden Music Box
    Fun Wooden Music Box
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  5. r*** b*****

     Everything as described. Quality craftsmanship.

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  6. X*

    Love it

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  7. c*******

    This is precious! I got it for my toddler, who is obsessed with trains. It’s so cute and easy for him to turn on and off. It plays a sweet little tune while the tiny train goes along the track. The train is magnetized or something so it easily goes around the track. I do wish that the train was attached. It is removable and I do worry he will lose it, but otherwise this is a great item.

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  8. C****** l*****

    Very nice. The button to turn off and on is a little stiff. The sound is clear. Detailed nicely.

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  9. K** M

     This music box is so cute! The train has a magnet at the bottom so they stay well. Old fashioned winding type, very nostalgic. I love the design too. So happy with this. This will be a great gift!

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  10. l***** a****

    Loved that it works so beautiful. Sister got a music box and little brother wanted a choo choo music box. I love it.

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  11. A***** C*******

    My 2 year old grandniece was fascinated by the musical hallmark cards, thus this seemed like the perfect gift. She loved it and plays it every night holding it delicately.

    Wonderful present.

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  12. K**** b

    Love it so much in my daughters nursery! She also loves the music from it — it gets her attention and she’s 2 months old

    Fun Wooden Music Box
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  13. L**

    This was a gift for my son. the product shipment was timely and the quality is good. I love the song it plays and my son does too, he likes watching the train and he is able to position it easily enough.

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  14. H****

    This was a girt for my granddaughter and it’s perfect. I will me buying more for her . I recommend this product

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  15. S**** M****

    Our daughter has taken French for several years and hopes to travel to France one day. We thought she would enjoy this Eiffel Tower music box. Great purchase!

    It’s very well made, very artistic, but the cherry on top is the car. An included tiny toy car actually rolls around the tower with no visible connection. How does it work? If I told you it would reduce the magic.

    Beautiful gift, well-made and we all loved it. Five Stars!

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  16. S W*****

    This little carousel is cute and clever. It has a smooth spin. And I’m keeping it for myself.

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  17. M*

    She LOVES it! That’s all I know!!

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  18. W

    I was so beyond impressed with this beautiful music box! I got it as a gift for a friend and loved it so much that now I want one.

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  19. L****

    The wooden musical carousel is very well made. The tune is good.

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  20. B****

     This is an absolutely darling little music box, it would make a wonderful gift as I can’t imagine anyone /not/ being delighted by it!

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  21. L****

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 3-month-old son.

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  22. D**** D*

    Very nice and well made. Enjoy the music and watching the horses go up and down. Thanks!

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  23. L**** R

    This is a Christmas gift for my decent year-old granddaughter.

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